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Welcome to our donation page!

Your support is vital in sustaining the ExxosHost server with security updates and its related services, powering the ExxosForum, exxos webpages and maintaining the Atari Wiki. Each year, there are significant costs associated with running these services, ensuring they remain accessible to everyone at no charge. Your generous contributions directly contribute to server maintenance, bandwidth, storage and other operational expenses. By donating, you play a crucial role in preserving these valuable resources, allowing enthusiasts, hobbyists, and the community to benefit from these platforms. We want to emphasize that the Atari Wiki is a non-profit initiative, and no money is made from its operation. However, it costs to run the service, and your financial support is crucial in ensuring its continued availability to all. We appreciate your commitment to keeping these services running and freely available to all.

The dedication to ensuring the smooth operation of these services is a laborious and time-consuming task undertaken voluntarily for the benefit of the community. The commitment goes beyond financial considerations, encompassing the sustained effort of individuals who selflessly contribute their time and expertise. Freely dedicating hours to server management, forum moderation, and updating the Atari Wiki, volunteers play a pivotal role in preserving these platforms as valuable resources. The collective aim is to provide users with free access to a wealth of information and a supportive community. Your support, whether through financial contributions or active participation, is indispensable in maintaining these services and fostering a vibrant and thriving community for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

We want to emphasize that contributions extend beyond monetary donations. While financial support is greatly appreciated and helps cover operational costs, there are various ways to contribute to our community. Writing and updating content on the wiki, offering assistance to fellow members on the forum, and recommending Exxos store items in other groups all play a crucial role in enriching our community. Your time, expertise, and engagement are invaluable, and they contribute significantly to the success and vibrancy of our shared spaces. Whether it's sharing your knowledge or recommending our services to others, every act of support, big or small, is deeply appreciated.

Thank you for being a vital part of our community!


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Exxoshost Champions

Exxoshost Champions make a direct impact through their generous financial contributions, ensuring the continued excellence of our services. While we deeply appreciate all forms of support, these monetary donations play a pivotal role in sustaining the infrastructure that keeps ExxosHost running smoothly. Your financial backing helps us cover essential costs, allowing us to provide a seamless experience for our community. Thank you for being a key player in the ongoing success of Exxoshost!

kohli79 - 17/06/2024
Simon Moore - 22/05/2024
kohli79 - 09/01/2024
DarkLord - 05/01/2024
veroli - 03/01/2024
chronicthehedgehog - 31/12/2023
Oj - 29/12/2023
exxos - 21/12/2023
CosmicPuppet - 06/09/2023