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C is one of the most used programming languages.


  • HSC (Heat-and-Serve C - 1992) : Modified version of Sozobon C !
  • Lattice C : Lattice C ST by HiSoft.
  • Prospero C
  • Pure C : Pure C English Overview (or, "What Your 'Mutter' Never Told You About Pure C") by Dan Wilga.
  • Sozobon ADB Debugger for Sozobon C on the Atari ST.
  • Sozobon C : The freeware Sozobon C Compiler by Tony Andrews, Johann Ruegg and Joe Treat.
  • Turbo C : Turbo C and Turbo Debugger by Borland GmbH. German Documentation
  • Mark Williams C


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Reservoir Gods : Pure C is available and proper game library.

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