Professional GEM

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Professional GEM
Part I -- Windows
In the beginningOpen sesameCleaning upThose fat slidersComing up nextFeedback
Part II -- Windows
ExcelsiorRedrawing windowsCaveat emptorInto the bitsA small confessionWindow control requestWindow slider messagesA common bugDept. of dirty tricksA sin of omissionComing soon
Part III -- The dialog handler
A meaningful dialogDefining termsBug alert!A handy trickClean upRecapButton ButtonWho's got the button?Coming up nextDispell gremlins
Part IV -- Resource structure
A maze of twisty little passagesPutting it to workLetters, we get lettersStraw poll!Stay tuned!
Part V -- Resource tree structures
How GEM does itThought experimentsA treewalker of our own
Part VI -- Raster operations
Seasons greetingsDefining termsMonochrome vs. colorStandard vs. device-specific formatEven-word vs. fringesMFDB'sLet's operateTransform formCopy raster opaqueCopy raster transparentThe mode parameterReplace modeErase modeXor modeTransparent modeReverse transparent modeThe problem of colorOptimizing raster operationsAvoid merged copiesMove to corresponding pixelsAvoid fringesUse another methodFeedback resultsThe next questionComing up soon
Part VII -- Menu structures
Happy new yearMenu basicsMenu structuresUsing the menuGetting fancyCheck please?Now you see it now you don'tLunch and dinner menusDo it yourselfMake prettyThat's it for now!
Part VIII -- User interfaces
And now for something completely different!Credit where it's dueFingertipsMusclesEyesShort-term memoryChunkingThink!Are we not men?Of modes and bandwidthTo do is to be!Amen...
Part IX -- VDI Graphics: Lines and solids
A bit of historyThe line forms on the leftSolidsTo be continued
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Professional GEM was a series of articles by Tim Oren. The articles -- published by the ANTIC online magazine in 1985/86 -- provide a good introduction in GEM programming.