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	  compress - compress data for storage.
	  uncompress - uncompress a stored file.
	  zcat - display a stored file.

	  compress [-dfFqc] [-b	bits] file
	  uncompress [-fqc] file
	  zcat file

	  compress takes a file	and compresses it to the smallest
	  possible size, creates a compressed output file, and removes
	  the original file unless the -c option is present.
	  Compression is achieved by encoding common strings within
	  the file. uncompress restores	a previously compressed	file
	  to its uncompressed state and	removes	the compressed
	  version. zcat	uncompresses and displays a file on the
	  standard output. When	zcat is	used to	display	a file,	the
	  file is uncompressed and concatenated	on the screen or
	  standard output, and the compressed version of the file is
	  not removed.

	  If no	file is	specified on the command line, input is	taken
	  from the standard input and the output is directed to	the
	  standard output. Output defaults to a	file with the same
	  filename as the input	file with the suffix ``.Z'' or it can
	  be directed through the standard output. The output files
	  have the same	permissions and	ownership as the corresponding
	  input	files or the user's standard permissions if output is
	  directed through the standard	output.

	  If no	space is saved by compression, the output file is not
	  written unless the -F	flag is	present	on the command line.

	  The following	options	are available from the command line:

	  -d	   Decompresses	a compressed file.

	  -c	   Writes output on the	standard output	and do not
		   remove original file.

	  -bbits   Specifies the maximum number	of bits	to use in

	  -f	   Overwrites previous output file.

	  -F	   Writes output file even if compression saves	no

	  -q	   Generates no	output except error messages, if any.

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