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                  Willkommen mine bit stompers!

                     B.S.M. proudly presents

                       GOLLUM version 2.81e

                        The Document File

     Welcome  to the translated version of GOLLUM the  German      
     packer.  I  used  to  keep well away  from  this  packer      
     because I couldn't understand it so today I depacked  it      
     with  MEGA  DEPACK v1.99 and then set about  editing it.      
     Using a good French disk editor,  DISKPAC (which I  have      
     translated  into English) I changed all the German  into      
     English and then using Gollum became alot easier.
     This  packer is not brilliant but it's not the worst  in      
     the world so someone somewhere may use it.  The  biggest      
     problem with it is it packs files by saving them to disk 
     three  times!  This  is okay if you have loads  of  disk 
     space   but murder if not.   To avoid this  problem  you 
     must  put  a disk which has lots of room on  it  in  the 
     drive which Gollum was loaded from or the process breaks 

     Anyway  give  it  a try but be warned  the  HUFF  option      
     sometimes causes a program to crash when unpacking. 

     The  translation is not word for word,  I did it with  a      
     dictionary,  but just what I think the German author was      
     trying  to say.  The one dialogue box "Pack  ended?"  is      
     just  a guess as the word was not found in  the  COLLINS      
     German/English dictionary.

     Programs  packed  with this version of  the  packer  are      
     still able to be unpacked using MEGA DEPACK as the  only      
     code changed was the dialogue box data.

     I would have written to the author of this packer to ask 
     his  permission  to translate it but I  don't  have  the 
     address. I hope it is OK  to have hacked it and  made  a 
     new  version  number,  I only added an  "e".  If  anyone 
     is  unhappy  about  this translation or  if  the  author 
     thinks  it  is against his P.D.conditions  then  I  will 
     remove it from the collection.

     I'll stop writing here and leave you to give the  packer 
     a try.

     The translator:     Barry S. Munro

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