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GNU Tar 1.10 Port for the Atari ST with MiNT (and without)

Well, I decided it was time I had a full fledged TAR that could handle 
compressed archives rather than uncompressing and then untaring. So, I got
the latest version of GNU Tar I could, which is v1.10, and started to port it
to the Atari. 

I essentially use this program with MiNT, as MiNT provides all the facilities
neccessary for me to use this program successfully. Supporting pipes are
essential for the compress/uncompress function of GNU Tar to work, otherwise
all the other functions should work under standard TOS.

Included in the binaries part of the this port is also my own compiled version
of compress v4.0. All other versions of compress that I found opened the
stdin/stdout functions in ASCII mode rather than binary and confused GNU Tar
when using compressed archives. The one included has been tested to great
length and shouldn't cause any problems, just make sure that its in your 
default PATH statement in your environment.

This version has been compiled with GNU GCC v1.40 and the MiNT libraries at
patchlevel 14. To take full advantage of GNU Tar, use MiNT v0.9, which has
the ability to support symbolic links within the kernel.

I must pass a lot of credit onto Eric Smith for all the work he has put into
making MiNT, for which without this and the libraries, this port would have
been so much harder to do.

All I can say is it works for me, so share and enjoy.

Please also read the BUGS and COPYING files. 

Alan Hourihane


This GNU tar 1.10.  Please send bug reports, etc., to  

This is GNU tar.  It is based heavily on John Gilmore's public domain
tar, but with added features.  The manual is currently being written.
An old manual, surely riddled with errors, is in tar.texinfo.  Please
don't send in bug reports about that manual.  In particular, the
mechanism for doing incremental dumps has been significantly changed.

The mt program is in the GNU cpio distribution.

Various people have been having problems using floppies on a NeXT.
I've gotten conflicting reports about what should be done to solve the
problems, and we have no way to test it ourselves.  If you don't have
"rename" in your C library, you will need to find an implementation.
I'm not sure if I want to roll in the GNU implementation into tar.


User-visible changes since 1.09:

Filename to -G is optional.  -C works right.  
Names +newer and +newer-mtime work right.

-g is now +incremental
-G is now +listed-incremental

Sparse files now work correctly.

+volume is now called +label.

+exclude now takes a filename argument, and +exclude-from does what
+exclude used to do.

Exit status is now correct.

+totals keeps track of total I/O and prints it when tar exits.

When using +label with +extract, the label is now a regexp.

New option +tape-length (-L) does multi-volume handling like BSD dump:
you tell tar how big the tape is and it will prompt at that point
instead of waiting for a write error.

New backup scripts level-0 and level-1 which might be useful to
people.  They use a file "backup-specs" for information, and shouldn't
need local modification.  These are what we use to do all our backups
at the FSF.

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