HighresMedium file format

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HighresMedium    *.HRM

This format is found in only one demo: "HighResMode" by Paradox. The 
pictures are interlaced in medium resolution with 35 colors per line. 
The files are packed with Ice. The unpacked format is as follows:
64000 bytes      screen data, 160 bytes per scanline, 400 lines
28000 bytes      palette data, 70 bytes per line
96000 bytes

 *  Given an x-coordinate and a color index, returns the corresponding
 *  HighResMedium palette index.
 *  by Hans Wessels; placed in the public domain January, 2008.
int find_hrm_index(int x, int c)
	  return -1+4*(int)((x+0)/80);
	else if(c==1)
	  return 4*(int)((x-8)/80);
	else if(c==2)
	  return 1+4*(int)((x-40)/80);
  return 2+4*(int)((x-48)/80);

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