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These software needs some sort of networking capability on your Atari such as STING, STIK, iConnect, MagiCNet and MintNet.

Internet Browsers

  • Netsurf : Best freeware Atari browser but needs Mintnet. (freeware). Download daily builds here!!

  • LINKS Atari WEB Browser by software master Didier (FireTos developer) (freeware)
  • CAB 1.5 : Crystal Atari Browser. (freeware)
  • CAB 2.x : Crystal Atari Browser. (commercial)
  • Adamas : Light of Adamas from Draconis. (freeware)
  • Highwire : freeware Atari browser. (freeware)
  • WenSuite : Demo. old url - may not work. (commercial)

FTP client

  • aFtp : from ATACK Software
  • Lichi : from Rajah Software **Updated **
  • ncftp
  • Draconis FTP part of Draconis
  • ftp : standard command line FTP client for MintNet

Email clients

IRC Clients

  • FracIRC : IRC both MintNet and STIK version.
  • AtarIRC : A GEM IRC Client for the Atari ST

Weather app

  • zWeather : the 1st weather application for the Atari. MintNet and STIK version
  • PH Weather : Graphical weather application. MintNet version only

Time sync application

Google Map viewer

  • PH Gmaps : Google map viewer with street view. Requires MagiXnet or Mintnet.

RSS news feeder

  • PH News Feed : RSS news feeder. Requires MagiXnet or Mintnet.

VNC Server & Client


  • Apache Web server : yes, it there for MintNet.
  • thttpd : Throttleable lightweight httpd server. Mintnet version.
  • nfs-server : Mintnet version.
  • Samba : the SMB server - makes your Atari looks like a Windoze (ugh!)
  • ftp server : Mintnet version.

Other useful clients

  • GEMDict : A FreeMiNT client for the DICT protocol
  • PH Remote Print : lpr printer client. Prints to your shared network printer on Windows/Linux or network printer!!
  • PH Currency Converter A currency converter
  • PH Forum Notifier : Polls forum for new Private Mail and Subscribed threads. Atari-forum optimised.

other command line clients

Lots of commandline tools available at the Sparemint site
Just a short list here:

  • telnet
  • finger
  • Pine
  • Tin
  • fwhois
  • lynx
  • rsh
  • rsync
  • curl

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