List of Commodore Amiga games that are not at Atari ST

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This is a list of Commodore Amiga (OCS) games wich do not exist at Atari ST computer. How it was created: list of commercial Amiga OCS games was taken from; then were excluded educational software, games without English language, compilations, additional data packs, miscellaneous game kits, some game editions, unreleased or prereleased only games and alternative gamenames that were noticed, plus what was released after 1994 year. Finaly, games wich exist at Atari ST according to HoL, were excluded.

Note: If a game is non-English then place the name of language in the entry's description [for example: Le Jeux Nom (1985) (Fr)]. If the game has an English version, then the English version only should be placed in the list.

List of Amiga (OCS) games

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