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                                  NEW DEPACK


                          ALL CODING BY MIKE WATSON

Greetings, to the latest version of the popular utility Mega Depack. It's been
a long time in coming, has changed name and looks different but is now
brimming with more packers, more features and improved reliability.

                                  --- o ---

What the smeg is New Depack?

New Depack is quite simply a file de-compressor. It allows you to load in a
file and if packed save it out again.

Why? . . . . .
Well packing technology has advanced considerably over the past few years and
the chances are that you will have files packed using outdated and slow
programs such as happy or jek. Unpacking and repacking with one of the more
sophisticated packers such as Ice or Atomic.

Secondly hard drive users may feel that the space saved by packing a file is
offset by the time it takes to unpack. This was my original reason for writing
Mega Depack all those months ago.

Thirdly, many packers don't actually have a depack option.

And finally to satisfy the needs of those people who like delving around other
programs which are often packed.

                                  --- O ---

How do I do this?
There are three ways of running New Depack.

1. As a normal program. Double click on NEW_DPAK.PRG and away you go.
2. As a desk accessory. Rename NEW_DPAK.PRG to NEW_DPAK.ACC reboot and it will
   appear on the desk menu.
3. From a command line. It won't run as a TTP because of its use of GEM. Newer
   versions of TOS have the .GTP filetype. Rename to NEW_DPAK.GTP and double
   click on it. A dialog box will allow you to enter the required parameters.
   You may also use the drag 'n drop technique found on most replacement
   desktops and TOS 2,06 upwards. SImply drag the file/folder to be unpacked
   onto NEW_DPAK.PRG and they will be processed.

                                  --- O ---
How do I work that interface?
New Depack has an easy to use GEM interface. An improvement over Mega Depack
is the use of windowed dialog boxes. This allows full multitasking when
running as an accessory or in a multitasking environment such as MiNT or

The buttons work as follows:-
Load - Surprisingly enough loads , analyses and (if neccesary) depacks a
Save - Saves the last file to be unpacked.
Info - Contact address and SHAREWARE plug.
Prefs - This is new to New Depack. It lets you tailor it to your liking.
Quit - Quits

Note that the batch mode is now incorporated into the load function and that
recursive/normal mode and destination path is controlled through the prefs

                                  --- O ---
What are the prefs and how are they useful?

The preferences are for use in batch mode. The following features may be
1. Batch mode - recursive/normal.
     Recursive - will go into each folder and check it for files. These folders
     will then be tested and so on.
     Normal - folders will not be entered.
2. Specify save path
     If selected then when a batch run is done a fileselector will ask you for
     the path where the files are to be saved otherwise files are saved as
     the same name.
3. Save during batch
     If selected then files are saved in a batch run.
4. Batch report
     If selected a report on files read will be produced.
     The filename where the report is produced may be changed here.

                                  --- O ---

Is there anything else I should know?
Several things should be noted.

1. Several packed filetypes appear the same to New Depack and there is no way
of distinguishing between them. To get round this New Depack will display a
dialog box allowing you to choose an appropriate depack routine or not bother
at all.

2. The commandline is limited to single filenames or folders/drives. Some
examples are:-

c:\ - depack drive C.
test.prg - depack 'test.prg'.
test.* - depack all files starting with 'test'

3. Sentry 2.11 progs only unpack on a falcon or TT.

4. Mpacker type 3 files don't depack properly due to bugs in the depack code.

5. It will no longer work in low resolution, an alert box will inform you of
this. Of course a certain plank's suggestion of forcing the machine into
medium res when run in low has not been implemented for some rather obvious
reasons (put you brain into gear before you put your keyboard into action!!).
No names but the guilty party knows who they are!.

6. New Depack was written on a Falcon so it is compatible. It has also been
tested on my battered old ST.

The complete specs of my test systems are:-
Falcon 030 - 4meg ram - VGA & RGB monitors - internal 65mb H/D - external
450mb H/D - TOS 4.02.
520ST - 2.5meg ram - 40mb H/D - TOS 1.4.

It has also been beta tested on various systems. If you experience problems
then you should tell me your complete set up which will enable me to track
them down. Any memory resident programs , desk accessories etc would also be
useful to know.

7. It's SHAREWARE please support this. After the lack of interest from the last
release on ST FORMAT I may stop releasing upgrades.

                                  --- O ---

Did you say SHAREWARE, How do I register?
Dead easy!!
Drop me a line enclosing one or more of the following.
1. A financial donation.
2. Some new pd s/w which you think I might like. (No demos or hacked stuff
please) Falcon stuff/interesting source code is appreciated. It must be new as
I get most stuff pretty quickly.
3. If you are including it in a PD library then your latest catalogue would be
4. Anything New Depack doesn't recognise that you believe it should.

Please don't send text edited versions of LSD or JEK that certain sad people
seem to enjoy doing.

By registering you will receive a version without any of the 'features' of an
unregistered version and will also receive the next upgrade when available.

The full source code ('C' and 68000 assembler) is available for œ5 and would
be useful if you want to learn GEM programming in C.

My address is on the info screen and at the bottom of this text.

                                  --- O ---

Boring legalish bits.
This program has been tested as completely as possible and only makes legal
system calls without any 'hacking around' and as such should not cause any
damage. If for any reason damage is caused then I cannot be held for
responsible for it. You use the program at your own risk. To guard
against any mishaps you should save the depacked files out as a different
name or in a different folder.

Supported packers.

Program/Packer  Versions      Formats
==============  ============  ================================================
4pak                          programs
atomic          3.1/3.3/3.5   programs and datafiles
                3.3b          programs
automation      2.31/2.51     programs and datafiles
automation      5.01          programs and datafiles
ba pack                       programs
bytekiller      2.0/3.0       programs
                Russ Paynes   programs
                JPM'S         programs
dcsquish        1.0/1.2/1.4   programs
                2.0           programs
degas elite                   picture files pc1-3
gollum                        programs(both huffed and not)
happy                         programs
ice             1.1/2.0/2.2   programs and datafiles
imp                           datafiles
ivory dragon                  programs and datafiles
fire            1.0/2.0       programs and datafiles
gremlin                       datafiles
jpack                         programs
jam             1/2/3/4       programs and datafiles (lzh,lzw,jam,ice)
jek             1.2/1.3       programs and datafiles
le crunch                     datafiles
lsd             1.2           programs and datafiles
mpacker         1.9           programs (3 types)
pfx             1.1/1.3/1.6/  programs
                1.8/2.1       programs
pompey          1.5/1.9/2.6   programs and datafiles
                1.7/1.9x/2.3  programs
powerpacker     2             datafiles
qpack           2/3.2         programs and datafiles
ROBN            Copylock      programs
                Various       programs and datafiles
sentry          2.05/2.11     programs and datafiles
spectrum 512                  picture files
speed packer    2/3           programs(+grazey's+1other) and datafiles
stos                          programs
superior                      programs
superpacker     3             programs and datafiles (3 prog types)
thunder         1/1.1/2       programs and datafiles
unknown                       various
vic2                          used by some games companies

                69 packers supported
                126 different file formats

                                  --- O ---
Future enhancements.
1. Allow extraction of files from archives.
2. External depacking modules.

v1.1 - 03/10/1993
Fixed bug in window redraw code that was causing the entire window to be
redrawn rather than the damaged portions. Thanks to Andy for spotting
this one!
Changed Layout of preferences menu.

                   . . AND LISTEN TO MIND MELTING
                       INDUSTRIAL DANCE MUSIC!
                                                  SEE YAH!!

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