Overscan Interlaced file format

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Overscan Interlaced    *.PCI

This format is found in only one demo: "Tobias Richter Fullscreen 
Slideshow". The pictures are in an interlaced overscan format and 
use a separate palette per scan line (16 colors). The resolution of
the screen data is 352 x 278 pixels, with 176 words per line.
The files are packed with the Ice. The unpacked format is as follows:
 48928 bytes     screen data first screen
 48928 bytes     screen data second screen
  8896 bytes     color data first screen
  8896 bytes     color data second screen
115648 bytes total

The screen data is stored in 4 seperate bitplane blocks: first all data 
of bitplane 0, then all data of bitplane 1, then the data of bitplane 2 
and last the data of bitplane 3.

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