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                             Program-Packer V1.6d

        Attention: This Program must only be distributed together with
                   all its documentation.

  1. Features:

  This Packer is  able  to  compress  executable  programs, and automatically
  unpack them  into  memory  when  the  program  is  run.   A  packed Program
  therefore operates just like an unpacked one.

  Packer and Unpacker have been specially optimised for speed.  The unpacking
  operation takes place at about  100KB  per  Second,  and  this speed can be
  maintained regardless of code length in the Archive.

  The Packer generates programs which are  compatible  with LHarc, and can be
  used with all versions of  LHarc.  From  LHarc  Version LZH11304 the packed
  program can once again be  unpacked.  (Theoretically  this is possible with
  previous versions, in practice however you usually experience errors).

  2. Compressing Programs:

  After clicking on  [Compress]  a  File-Selector-Box  appears.  Use  this to
  select the program to be  packed.   If  you  alsao click on [Fastload], the
  Fastload-Bit will be set in the packed program.

  After packing is complete, another  File-Selector-Box  allows you to supply
  the output Filename for your packed program.

  You will also be told how  much  of  a  reduction  in file size the packing
  process has achieved.

  3. Unpacking:

  After clicking on  [Uncompress]  two  File-Selector-Boxes  appear.   In the
  first you should give the name of  the  program  you wish to unpack, in the
  second, the name for the unpacked program.

  There are no intervening messages because  the unpacking process is so fast
  there would be no  time  to  read  them  before  the next File-Selector-Box

  4. Shareware:

  You may copy PFXPAK as often as  you  like, provided you keep all the files
  together. Including all document files.

  If you are pleased with  this  Program  and  wish  to use it regularly then
  please send me the sum  of  20DM,  which  will  automatically bring you the
  registered version.

  The Registered Version has the following features:

   - The Registered Version can pack within Folders, or even within
      nested Folders.
   - ALL Programs can be packed with a single Call.
   - The Registered Version also works as an Accessory!
   - As a bonus you will receive a Virus Killer program.

    You can contact me at the following address:

           Thomas Quester
           Lampenland 9
           2050 Hamburg 80

           Tel: 040/7205431
           Btx: 0407205431
           BLZ: 20010020

           National Giro Hamburg: Account_number: 6220 12-201

  The 20 DM can be paid  either  as  a  bank transfer or by cheque, whichever
  suits you best.

  Markus Fritze is thanked  for  his  help  with  the  Unpacker  and for much
  testing and debugging:

         Markus Fritze
         Birkhahnkamp 38
         2000 Norderstedt 1

  For the commercial use of PFXPAK:

  If you wish to use  PFXPAK  packed  programs  for commercial purposes, then
  please  contact  both  Authors:  Thomas   Quester  and  Markus  Fritze  for
  permission - enclosing a copy of your  program. You must also register with
  us as a User.

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