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Unarc - extracts files from archive.
	*** HANDLES Squashed (PKARCed) FILES !!! ***
	enter the name of the archive in the TOS Takes Parameters dialog
	box (with full path, e.g. (C:\modem\newstuf\new.arc")
	You can also use it from a shell by typing "unarc <filename>"
	It will respond by displaying each file as it is encountered, then
	with a Yes/No/Quit/All prompt.  Hit any of the four keys (shifted
	and unshifted the same, but not control):

		Y - Yes, extract this file from the archive
		N - No, move to the next file
		Q - Quit back to shell or desktop.
		A - All files, extract the rest of the files without prompts

1. It is more robust than ARC.TTP which has been known to crash on rare
2. It is faster than ARC.TTP, but slower than DCOPY191.  I am using code from
   the original ARC program modified to do either uncrunching or unsquashing,
   the rest is in assembly language.  I do much more buffering than ARC.TTP,
   but it is not as optimized as DCOPY.
3. It handles Squashed files (PKARC on the IBM PC's) directly.
4. It does not do listings (arc v) nor testing, this is extract only for now.
   Use DCOPY or ARC for that.
5. Of course, it does not create archives, again, use DCOPY or ARC for that.

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