Pablo Paint file format

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Pablo Paint    *.PPP (st low resolution, app version 1.1)
               *.PA3 (st high resolution, app version 2.5)

43 bytes    file id ["PABLO PACKED PICTURE: Groupe CDND " 0x0D 0x0A] 
?           image data size in bytes stored in plain in ascii text + cr/lf
1 byte      resolution flag [0 = low, 2 = high]
1 byte      compression type [0 = uncompressed, 29 = compressed]
1 word      image data size in bytes (same value as above)
16 words    palette
?           image data

Uncompressed images are simply screen dumps as one might expect.

No description of the compression method exists at this time.

Note: 68K decompression code can be found here:

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