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                        Resident De/Compressor (Demo)

    Written by Si, (c) 1994.


    Use this software at your own risk.


    Contact me (preferably with some kind of job offer):

    Internet:   Simon_Gibbs@Standard.Embassy.Com
    FidoNet:      2:2501/101
    AtariNet:    51: 502/  5
    NeST:        90: 102/105
    TurboNet:   100:1051/  3

    Public discussion regarding RD should be directed towards T_ATARIS

What is RD?

    The full version of RD is a file compressor and decompressor that works
automatically with minimal intervention from the user.

 - Compressed files are read as if they were the original raw file.
   This includes the ability to randomly access any information in the
   raw file.

 - New files are compressed when they are created.

 - Compressed files that are opened, then altered before being closed are

 - Compression or decompression may be switched on or off at any time (via
   a desktop accessory) to allow compressed files to be copied or raw files
   to be compressed.

    This demo version does not include the ability to compress files. Some
compressed files have been included in the archive to demonstrate the use
of RD.

Hard-disk installation:

1. Place RD_DEMO.PRG in the AUTO folder of your boot partition, RD_DEMO.ACC
in the root directory.

2. Create the folder "RD" in partition D.

3. Reboot.

Floppy-disk installation:

1. Place RD_DEMO.PRG in the AUTO folder of your boot disk, RD_DEMO.ACC in the
root directory.

2. Place RAMBUFFR.ACC, RAMBUFFR.RSC and RAMBUFFR.DAT in the root directory of
your boot disk.

3. Reboot.

4. From the desktop select "Ram-Buffer" from the "DESK" menu. Click "Install"
on the right-hand side of the dialog box (under "Ram Disk"). If memory is
limited try installing a smaller quantity.

5. Install a new drive icon on the desktop as drive D.

6. Open drive D and create the folder "RD".

How to use:

1. From the desktop, select "De/Comp DEMO" from the "DESK" menu. Ensure
the default options are as follows:

    Compression: OFF
    Decompression: ON
*   False file sizes: OFF

2. Read the text file "READ_RD.TXT" in the "TEXT" folder of this archive
by double clicking on the filename then selecting "SHOW".

* If reading this file from the "SHOW" option of TERADESK, or with some
text editors, the file may seem to end prematurely. To avoid this ensure
"False file sizes: ON"

Legal Stuff

    RAMBUFFR is copyright 1987 by Micro-Time Electronics. It has been included
free of charge and is not a necessary part of the RD installation.

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