Rembrandt file format

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Rembrandt (True Color Picture)    *.TCP

The main header of the file:

8 bytes     file id ["TRUECOLR"]
1 long      total length of file in bytes
1 word      length of this header in bytes [usually 18]
1 word      format version number [1]
1 word      number of images stored [1 = single image]
18 bytes    total for main header

The following is repeated for each image in the file.

The header of each image:

1 long      image id ['PICT']
1 long      total length of image data in bytes
1 word      length of this header in bytes [usually 198]
1 word      image width in pixels
1 word      image height in pixels
1 word      default color transparency
1 word      color of the default pen
1 byte      compression mode [0 = none]
1 byte      presence of a palette [0 = none]
1 byte      indicates over scan
1 byte      indicates double width
1 byte      indicates double height
175 bytes   comment text, each line null terminated? [5 * 35] 
198 bytes   total for image header

?           image data:
width*height*2 bytes Falcon true color data,  word RRRRRGGGGGGBBBBB

Note: Compression flag appears to have never been implemented.

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