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This ST program will convert almost any ST graphics format into a standard .BMP file.

Supported formats:

Art package File formats
DEGAS .PI1, .PI2, .PI3, .PC1, .PC2, .PC3, ICN, BL1, BL2, BL3
Neochrome .NEO
CrackArt .CA1, .CA2, .CA3
ArtDirector .ART
STadCad .PAC
Tiny .TNY, .TN1, .TN2, .TN3, .TN4, .TN5, .TN6
Doodle: .DOO .DOO
Spectrum .SPU, .SPC, .SPS, .SPX
Photochrome .PCS
QuantumPaint .PBX
Overscan .PCI
HighresMedium .HRM
DeLuxePaint ST (only the special ST format) .IFF
STOS memory bank .MBK
STOS character set .CR0, .CR1, .CR2
Animaster Sprite Bank .ASB
Picture Packer .PP1, .PP2, .PP3

This is a TTP file so copy it to a folder with your pictures in, double-click on ST2BMP.TTP, enter the filename you want to convert and click on OK. The resulting BMP file will then appear in the same folder.

It runs fine in 1 MB only but bigger and/or high color pictures (such as .PCS or Spectrum format) need 4Mb memory to convert.

Get it from here on Atari Forum *updated link, April 2010.

  • Update

Nyh has also compiled it for the PC too but there's problems (at the moment) with the .IFF file conversions. Available in the same Atari Forum thread as the Atari version. Note you will need the Cygwin library to use this PC version.

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