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STOT - ST Offline Tournament

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If you want to create a separate page for each round of the competition, then copy how I've inserted the first one for you.

STOT Round 01

STOT Round 20

Season 1:

S01R01 Superfly

S01R02 Wings of Death

S01R03 Rainbow Islands

S01R04 Crapman

S01R05 Rodland

S01R06 Enchanted Lands

S01R07 Buggy Boy

S01R08 Oids

S01R09 Obsession

S01R10 Xenon

S01R11 Znax

S01R12 Pairs

S01R13 Silkworm

S01R14 Metrocross

S01R15 Lotus 3

S01R16 Rick Dangerous

S01R17 Eliminator

S01R18 IK+

S01R19 Magical Drop

S01R20 Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse

S01R21 Picrosst

S01R22 Nuclear Waste Dump

S01R23 Llamatron

S01R24 Xenon II Megablast

Season 2:

S02R01 Vroom

S02R02 Menance

S02R03 Parasol Stars

S02R04 Super Sprint

S02R05 Bolo

S02R06 Gods

S02R07 Blood Money

S02R08 Nebulus

S02R09 Helter Skelter

S02R10 PDtris

S02R11 Super Stario Land

S02R12 Magic Pockets

S02R13 Missile Command

S02R14 Vaxine

S02R15 ST Asteroids

S02R16 Bionic Commando

S02R17 Volfied

S02R18 Gianna Sisters

S02R19 Metal Link

S02R20 Intruder

S02R21 Rox

S02R22 Starball

S02R23 Switchblade

S02R24 Frantick

Season 3:

S03R01 Paradroid 90

S03R02 Continental Circus

S03R03 Attackwave

S03R04 Sidewinder 2

S03R05 Axel's Magic Hammer

S03R06 Road Runner

S03R07 Blox

S03R08 Rolling Ronny

S03R09 Flying Shark

S03R10 Pacmania

S03R11 Switchblade II

S03R12 Bubble Ghost+

S03R13 Super Cars 2

S03R14 Dugger

S03R15 Lethal Xcess

S03R16 No Buddies Land

S03R17 Turrican 2


S03R19 Overlanders

S03R20 Lost World

S03R21 Cybernoid

S03R22 Erik the Viking

S03R23 Warlocks Quest

S03R24 Wizball

Season 4:

S04R01 Return to Genesis

S04R02 Enduro Racer

S04R03 New Zealand Story

S04R06 Kolmik

S04R07 Leander

S04R08 Fire & Ice

S04R09 Typhoon Thompson

S04R10 Truck

S04R11 Quartz

S04R12 Turbo Cup

S04R14 Road Blasters

S04R15 Stormtropper

S04R16 Commando

S04R17 Ork

S04R18 Son Shu Shi

Season 5:

S05R01 IK+

S05R02 Fire & Brimstone

S05R03 Plutos

S05R04 Road Blasters

S05R05 Action Fighter


S05R07 Ghouls'n Ghosts

S05R08 Metro Cross

Season 6:

S06R01 Pipe Mania

S06R02 Commando

S06R03 Space Zot

S06R04 Old Towers

S06R05 Phobia

Classics Sesaon 2024:

2024Q1 Lethal Xccess

2024Q2 Cybernoid

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