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    This documentation is a short description of how to extract ALL files
from a unix tar file, list all files in a unix tar file and create your own
unix compatible tar files on your ATARI ST.

    There are two programs in this collection. DTAR.TTP extracts ALL files
from a tar file or lists the contents of a tar file.  CTAR.TTP creates a tar
file from the files or directories specified on the command line


    dtar [d] tarfile

    If d is specified the tar file contents are listed no extraction takes
place.  If the d option is not specified this program proceeds to extract all
files in the tar file creating directories as necessary. This program requires
the extension of tarfile to be TAR.

    ctar tarfile <files and/or directories to include>

    This program produces a unix compatible tar file from the files and
or directories specified on the command line. If a directory is specified
then the entire contents of that directory and its subdirectories are added.
If a file is specified in a directory other than the current directory, it
will be extracted into a directory with the same name as the specified
directory in the tar file.


    test is a directory contains files a1,a2 and directories b1,b2.
    b1 contains files c1,c2 and b2 contains files c1,c3 then

    ctar test.tar test

    will create a file containing all the files
    test\a1, test\a2, test\b1\c1, test\b1\c2, test\b2\c1, test\b2\c3.

    When these files are extracted the directories test, test\b1, test\b2
    will be created and the files will be placed in the appropriate
    directories, as they were originally. If these directories already
    exist the contents of the tar file will be appended to their current

    Unix tar and unix compresss is a method of transmitting entire directory
trees between two computers. Unix compress is contained in another arc file.
Sources available in the archive tarsrc.arc

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