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The new version of the Synergy Giga Depacker 2.2

It has great new features and many packers are supported but you can
see for your self. Wingleader asked me to write a little manual for
it but the program is so user friendly you can work it all out with
out any problems. So if you have unwanted packed files, here is the

This is a DBA-MAG 9 Release with release date : 30-08-93

The following changes have been made since version 2.1 :

- Bug fixed in path_name during filedepack not correctly cutted.
- Program files are now checked for execution.
- Better recognation of Pack-Ice 2.11 and 2.12.
- Bug fixed in auto_saving.
- Cancelling dest_path would cause that a wrong path was put back,fixed.
- Error Handeling is better now (Hopefully). 
- When Disk Full appears you just select a new dest_path.
- Faster loading and recognation of files.
- Now 500 folders are allowed on one partition.
- Files which are to big will be skipped (A message will appear).
- A complete new look all screens are now in Falcon mode.
- Better Pompey Check and Atomic 3.5 check.
- The Program will not hang on a 1.0 machine, due to a failure in TOS.

The following new Packers are included :

- Pack-Ice 2.2
- Ice 1.1
- Pack-Fire 1.0
- Sentry 2.06
- PFX Packer 1.13 till 2.1p

This Program should work on all ST(e), Mega ST(e), TT and Falcon's. 
It's tested on a Falcon 030 4.02, TT 3.6, STe 1.6 and an ST 1.0.
If my program refuses to work on your machine, send me full details of
your machine and i will try to fix it as soon as possible. 

This Program is Share-Ware, so you can copy it as often as you like. If
you use this program often and you like it, and you want me to continue
with this program please send me :
                *       Fl. 10,= or
                *       DM  10,= or
                *       œ    4,=

Little Note from the Programmer : When you got new packers or old ones
                                 that you like to see appear in this
                                 program send them to me and i will see
                                 i've i can include them in my program.
                                 Thanks in advance.

My address: 
Majoraan 45
8101 DS RAALTE (Holland)

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