Saved Game Editing

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Saved Game Editing

If anyone has ever hacked a saved game using a hex-editor, then this page is awaiting your hints & tips.

I'll be including a break down on all the games I've done editors for and if you want some examples coded in GFA BASIC for all manner of games then take a look at my website. [1]

Game Type of hack(s) DemoZoo Link
Air Bucks Cash [2]
Battletech Cash, DefHes, NasDiv & Bakphar [3]
Caesar Denari & Slaves [4]
Conflict Budget [5]
Crime City Cash & Shares [6]
Demon's Winter to follow
Elvira Various stats [7]
Grandad's Quest For The Holey Vest Battery Power [8]
Hillsfar Various character stats [9]
Imperium to follow [10]
Ishar 1 to follow
Ishar 2 to follow
Motor Massacre Damage, ATV Shells, Smoke, Food, Bullets & Keys [11]
Roadwar 2000 Lots of stats [12]
Roadwar Europa Lots of stats [13]
Populous II to follow
Sim_City Cash [14]
Speedball II Money
Star Command to follow [15]
Temple of Asphai WIP but lots of initial stats found

There are a few more to add but bear with me. I know that GGN sent me a while ago, his workings out for a saved game editor for Amberstar. Soon as I find the file again, I'll create a new section for "Work in Progress".

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