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The Atari TT030 (Thirty-two Thirty-two) was released in 1990 and offered a large boost in processing power over the older ST models. The CPU used was the fully thirty-two bit Motorola 68030 running at 32Mhz. Other features distinguishing this model from previous models included:

Hardware Overview

  • A new style case with a detachable professional keyboard. The case also acted as a stand for the monitor.
  • A Motorola 68882 maths co-processor as standard.
  • Up to 12Mb of standard ST.
  • Up to 128Mb of TT RAM.
  • VGA port and enhanced video resolutions.
  • Internal SCSI hard drive support.
  • Appletalk compatible network port.
  • A VMEbus slot.
  • Later models came with a 1.44Mb floppy drive.
  • A new version of TOS, 3.x

One notable absence was the missing blitter chip first introduced in the Mega ST range.

Hardware Modifications

  • Mighty Mic 32 was a TT RAM expansion

Magazine References

  • STart, volume 5, issue 6, p22-30 & p64-65 (Review)