TmS Cranach file format

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TmS Cranach Paint/TmS Cranach Studio    *.ESM

ESM is short for Enhanced Simplex
The following description is based on source code found in the GemView module devkit.

1 long       file id ['T' 'M' 'S' 0x00]
1 word       header size [usually 812]
1 word       width in pixels
1 word       height in pixels
1 word       planes [1, 8, or 24]
1 word       number of components [1=monochrome, 3=8-bit indexed color or 24-bit true color
1 word       component depth red [usually 8]
1 word       component depth green
1 word       component depth blue
1 word       depth black? [unknown use, usually 0]
1 word       version [4]
1 word       horizontal dpi [usually 100]
1 word       vertical dpi [usually 100]
1 word       line height [usually same as image height]
1 word       line start [usually 0]
1 word       line end [usually image height - 1]
1 word       mask [use unknown, usually 0]
256 bytes    palette component red
256 bytes    palette component green
256 bytes    palette component blue
4 words      ? [unknown use, usually 0]
812 bytes    total for header

?            image data:
   1 plane is monochrome, width assumed to be rounded up to the nearest byte
       ignore palette, set bits=black
   8 planes is color indexes into the palette tables
   24 planes is true-color, RGB format, 3 bytes per pixel in R, G, B order
       ignore palette

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