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  1. The first STe TOS (version 1.06) has a problem where the machine always boots in low resolution, even after switching to medium resolution and saving the DESKTOP.INF.
    • Workaround: edit DESKTOP.INF and change startup resolution to high-res - replace "#E 18 12" with "#E 18 13" (first byte might be D8?).
      See TOS DESKTOP SURVIVAL KIT for details on DESKTOP.INF structure.

  2. STE TOS 1.62 has an irritating bug which means that double clicking .PRG program files brings up the 'Show' ,'Print','Cancel' Dialogue instead of running the program.
    Choosing 'Cancel' and trying again usually resolves this. It has been rumoured that this may be caused depending on whether the mouse x/y position is odd or even!

  3. Key press sounds on boot-up.
    This is normally caused by having a joystick plugged it & autofire set to the on position. Make sure you turn autofire off before a reboot!