TruePaint Animation file format

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TruePaint Animation    *.TPA

1 long            file id: $54504100 ['TPA\0']
1 word            version? [$0100]
1 word            palette size [0 = none]
1 word            width
1 word            height
1 word            planes
1 word            compression [always 0 = uncompressed]
1 long            image data size = ((width+15)&0xffff0)*height*bits_per_pixel/8 
104 bytes         reserved? [$0]
1 word            speed
1 word            length of sequence (not necessarily total frames)
128 bytes         total for header

3*palette_size    words   Palette data, RGB, values 0..1000. (VDI order)

image data size   1st frame, always a full frame width*height in size

                  Repeated for each frame, until end of file
1 long            frame data size
frame data size   frame data

The first frame is always a standard Atari ST bitmap, including Falcon modes.

The structure of individual frames is still unknown.

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