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-                       Two-in-One, English version                       -
-          Archive shell and manager for the Atari ST/STe/TT/Falcon       -
-                                                                         -
-                                Overview                                 -

NOTE: This text isn't always up to date! Use ST-Guide to read the 
      TWOINENG.HYP hypertext for the latest documentation!
      This text last updated: 18th August 1994

Two-in-One originates from Germany and initially only a German version of
the program and documentation was available. Thanks to Joe Connor and the
System ST Team an English version is now supported in the UK.

Two-in-One is intuitive to use and features on-line help so this 
documentation is much smaller than it used to be!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by Email:

Prolog: ST-GUIDE installation

The installation of ST-GUIDE is very simple. Don't be put off by the number 
of files included in the ST-GUIDE distribution. For normal use simply copy 
ST-GUIDE.ACC to the root directory of your boot partition or disk and 
reboot your system, that's it!

If you'd like to take advantage of the many advanced features offered by 
ST-GUIDE (for example if you would prefer to keep all your hypertext files 
in a single folder) edit ST-GUIDE.INF to suit your requirements and copy it 
to the root directory of your boot partition or disk.

About Two-in-One

Two-in-One can be started in several different ways:

From a command line (CLI); the GEM Shell is not displayed and Two-in-One is 
in 'Manager' mode. In this mode files are automatically archived and 
unarchived. This method is ideal from desktops offering drag n drop 
features, such as GEMINI.

Starting Two-in-One directly; the GEM Shell is displayed featuring a 
intuitive interface. From the Shell you can configure Two-in-One to handle 
all the popular archive formats, set up paths and parameters to call virus 
detectors, programs to create self extracting archives, external file 
viewers and other external programs.

Output from the archive programs is handled using GEM Window(s). Under 
MultiTOS and MAG!X, Two-in-One and the archive program are started in 
parallel mode and output from the archive program handled by the respective 
utility, MINIWIN.APP with MultiTOS and VT52.PRG with MAG!X.

The 'Manager' functions

The following keys can be used in 'Manager' mode:

[Shift]: Hold this key down to call the GEM Shell which will appear
pre-loaded with the selected archive.

[Alternate]: Hold this key down to create a folder with the same name as
the archive into which the archive will be unpacked.

Supported archive formats

LHARC: Versions >=2.20 of LHarc programmed by Christian Grunenberg are
       supported. From V2.30 password support is included.

ZIP:   Versions >=2.0 of STZip programmed by Vincent Pomey are supported.

ZOO:   Versions >=2.0 of ZOO adapted for the ST by Gereon Steffens.

ARC:   I've tested Two-in-One with V6.02. Unfortunately some of the
       options detailed in the documentation don't function as described
       and other options don't appear to be implemented...

UNARJ: Versions >=2.41 of UNARJ are supported. This is the first version
       to offer sensible parameters for handling archives. Other UNARJ
       programs are no longer supported. The documentation supplied with
       this software is confused and badly structured, just what you'd
       expect from MS-DOS-software.

It's quite possible Two-in-One earlier versions of the archive programs 
listed above will cause problems. Please obtain the latest versions and 
try those before reporting problems.

Other stuff you should know

 -New features will not necessarily be detailed here. Refer to the file 
  TWOINONE.NEW and the ST-Guide hypertext for the latest revisions.

 -TWOINONE.CFG contains the options for the individual archive programs.
  You can change these using a text editor but be careful not to change
  lines which begin with '#'. Additionally it's important not to enter
  more than 26 options per archive program!

 -To use Two-in-One in 'Manager' mode from the desktop/GEMINI it's
  important to bear in mind the following:
  As a default path you should normally use the path of the archive. As an
  expert option you could, for example, take the path of the top window,
  as a default. In this case the active path must come from Gemini and not
  You can set this from within Gemini using the following option: 'setenv 
  Incidentally, on starting Two-in-One the Directory window displays the
  current directory, and ignores whatever directory the Shell would
  otherwise look for.

 -If you install Two-in-One using the built-in Atari desktop be sure to
  set the 'Full path' option in the 'Install application' dialog under
  the Parameter setting.

 -The menu shortcuts can easily be changed using a Resource file editor
  (eg Interface).

 -Ghost dialogs: Hold down either [Shift] key or the right mouse button
  and click on the Flying Dial corner to make it 'invisible'. This is
  useful, for example, to view the main Two-in-One window under a Help

 -Problems with QUICK ST/TURBO ST/WARP 9: It's been brought to my attention 
  that some people have problems with text output from the archiver being 
  written outside the window provided.
  This is caused by one of the programs mentioned above and is NOT a bug in 
  Two-in-One! There are solutions to this problem:
  *Use CONS_FIX.PRG and place it in your AUTO folder which must run before 
  *Use NVDI which faster and far more compatible.

UK Support and Registration

Two-in-One is Shareware and may be freely distributed for non-commercial
purposes. If you use Two-in-One regularly you are honour bound to pay a
Shareware fee of DM 20 to the author.

Two-in-One is NOT a Freeware Program! PD libraries, magazines or any other
organisations may only distribute Two-in-One with my written permission.
Any contravention of my wishes will be strongly challenged.

Two-in-One comprises of the following files:

 TWOINENG.PRG               Program
 TWOINENG.SYS               GEM Shell (automatically called by
                            TWOINONE.PRG when needed)
 TWOINENG.RSC               Resource file for the GEM Shell
 TWOINENG.CFG               Archive options in an editable ASCII file
 TWOINENG.HLP               On-line help text

 DOC\TWOINENG.TXT           This text!
 DOC\TWOINONE.NEW           Version history and changes text
 DOC\TWOINONE.CMD           List of archive commands
 DOC\ICONS.RSC              Two-in-One icons for use with your desktop

 TWO_VIEW.ENG\TWO_VIEW.PRG  Two-View, external viewer for Two-in-One
 TWO_VIEW.ENG\TWO_VIEW.TXT  Two-View documentation

Two-in-One may only be distributed complete with all the above files.

Registered UK users can obtain the latest English Version from Joe Connor
at any time, free of charge, by sending a Stamped Addressed Envelope
enclosing a formatted floppy disk. The Shareware fee for Two-in-One is
œ9.00 which you can register in the UK as follows:

a) Make a cheque for œ9.00 payable to J Connor.
b) Be sure to include your name in the form you wish it to appear in the
   Registered user dialog.
c) Send cheque to: 65 Mill Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5LJ, England.

After registration you will be Emailed or posted your personal 'Key' which
you'll need to keep safe to update future versions.

And finally thanks to...

 -Joe Connor: For some translation, UK support and the time he spends. 
 -The System ST Team: For the English translation.
 -J.J. Ardoino: For the French translation.
 -Michael Heng; For the optimised window scrolling.
 -Uwe Ohse: For the UNIX routines
 -Christian Grunenberg: For his support with LHarc
 -Harry Anderson, Markie Post and John Larroquette: for 'Night Court' :-)

18th August 1994

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