V1.5 16mhz booster by exxos

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The next generation of booster is the V1.5 version. While the V1 only boosted the CPU to 16MHz, the V1.5 also includes boosting speed to the TOS ROMs. The new board is slightly larger than the V1 and sees the removal of the TTL logic IC's in favor for a GAL. TTL logic alone was unfortunately not fast enough to work with Fast-ROM so the choice to move to a GAL was required.

In order for the ROM to work at higher speeds, the ROMs need to be replaced with a suitable "Fast-ROM" kit. 16MHz CPU generally adds around 25% speed boost to the overall speed. Running Fast-ROM gives up to a additional 30% boost to GEM/TOS related calls.

V1.5 booster with fast-ROM

V1.5 booster with fast-ROM & blitter

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