V1 16mhz booster by exxos

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This tiny little board, measuring just 35mm x 18mm is probably one of the easiest STFM upgrades ever. This booster is designed 100% by myself and gives clock free glitching unlike the older 16MHz mods. This booster works by clocking the CPU at 16MHz when the CPU is not accessing the ST bus and is doing internal instructions. Some people in the past have frowned upon this type of mod as overall it only gives 27% speed boost. Though on some math functions like integer division we can see we are running at 195% speeds. Blitting gets a nice 41% speed boost, so we shouldn't look down on these simple speed boosters as they really do give a nice boost in speed.

One game which really shows a speed boost is "Castle master". This game is a 3D type world and runs painfully slow normally. Though with this booster, the math functions get a huge boost in speed and the game runs noticeably faster. It's not just games which run faster, You will also see GEM and other apps running with a bit more "zing" to them.

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