What is a diskmag?

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Diskmag is short for Diskette Magazine, a magazine or journal distributed on a floppy disk. Back in the 80s and 90s this really meant a floppy disk, nowadays it is a collection of files zipped up and meant to be read offline in contrary to web magazines or websites at all.

Content and Appeal

A diskmag most often comes with nice artwork to look, an intro or short demo, some nice musics, a nice menu to pick the articles you want to read and ofcourse lots of interesting articles and texts to reads.

The purpose of a diskmag is the same as in a paper magazine, to provide news, insights, stories and just plain information. The speciality of diskmags is the unique look and feel of their presentation format, which take the form of interactive, media-rich magazine programs that run on a computer. This interactive format with animation and music predated web publishing, which fills a similar role today.

Some diskmags also provide their content on the web for online reading.

Diskmags on the Atari

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