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Welcome to the Atari wiki! Knowing how to make a contribution here can be confusing at first, with the broad topic of Atari stuff encompassing huge amounts of information, with this wiki containing 1,216 articles (some of them duplicated) and organisation of information not always optimal. Never fear! By reading the wiki a little, and having a look at the rest of this article, how and where to make a contribution should be easier to understand.


This wiki runs on the Mediawiki platform.
We have created a quick guide for how to link, format text, and categorise articles, create tables, lay out text in a list format, or upload and embed images in articles. If you want to know more about formatting or anything else, it's helpful to consult the media wiki documentation

What to do

It doesn't take long to see things that need to be done here, but failing that you can also look at:

  • Fleshing out or completing stub articles, and removing the {{stub}} template so that the article no longer appears in the Stub category
  • Creating wanted articles (that is, articles that other pages are linking to, but which don't exist yet). Just click on the red links to create those pages! Even if your first version is very basic, which you then embed with the {{stub}} template (which automatically also categorises that page as a stub)
  • Finding or creating an appropriate category for articles that are uncategorized. This is functionally similar to using #hashtags on a number of social media sites to tag information. It is quite important for the health of a wiki, providing a quick way for related pages and information to be connected. To categorise a page, use the following code: [[Category:<category name>]]
  • Reviewing recent edits to see where contributors are currently working!
  • You can "alias" search criteria by creating pages with names that match common search criteria, and redirecting them to where the information is held
    • The code for redirecting is #REDIRECT [[pagename]]
    • Example 1: A common search term may be "68000", however there is no page dedicated to the 68000. Instead, there is a section in the CPU article dedicated to the CPU#MC68000. Therefore to redirect searches for "68000" to the CPU page, we create an article named "68000" and populated it with the line #REDIRECT [[CPU#MC68000]]
  • You may find other interesting reports that help you find areas that need attention in Special Pages