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Analogic TOS Switcher for STE

Allows the the user to switch between two versions of TOS (usually TOS 1.62 and TOS 2.06)

Installation overview:

The board fits under the floppy drive, whether your STE has TOS 1.06 or TOS 1.62 as long as the original roms are socketed (if not, you will need to de-solder the original roms from the motherboard and solder rom sockets in their place before you can install the Analogic TOS Switcher board).

Simply add your original roms and the TOS 2.06 roms to the TOS Switcher board and then plug the board into the motherboard roms sockets.

Make a suitable hole for the switch on the back of the ST

Connect the red (sometimes yellow) wire to +5v

NOTE: once this board is fitted you will not be able to remove it unless you are prepared to replace the rom sockets on your motherboard. the reason is the pins on this TOS Switcher board are quite thick to create good contact but the drawback is it will make the sockets sloppy if the original roms are re-installed therefore you would need to replace them.

Installation Manual

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Magazine References

  • ST Format, issue 47, page 32.

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