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Add-On Hardware

!! More add-on/peripherals information can also be found following this link

All-In-One (Multi-function hardware expansion)

Battery-Backed Clock

Floppy disk interface

Graphic upgrades


Input/Output Interfaces

Interface Extensions

  • Eclipse - by Cortex Design. PCI extension interface for Falcon.

Mass storage for Atari ST

  • BBaN ACSI SD harddrive by dad664npc.
  • SatanDisk - SD & MMC interface for your Atari but no longer in production as was a limited run.
  • UltraSatan - SD & MMC interface - successor to SatanDisk, but faster, better, etc.
See UltraSatanSDCardwithLinux for exchanging data with Linux/Unix
  • SCM PCD-50B SCSI Card Reader - works with new HDDriver to access multiple LUNs (thread here).
  • GigaFile - A new SD Card Drive from Suska maker of the FPGA STE. Works on ASCI & SCSI.
  • ST IDE Controller For ST, STE, MegaST and MegaSTE by alanh
  • Unicorn - USB Controller for ACSI port for ST, STE, MegaST, MegaSTE and TT by alanh
  • Paskud IDE - connect IDE drives to any Atari ST/STE/ via the cartridge port
  • IDEal - connect internal IDE drive to Atari STE (TUS Developments)
  • CATA - New project for an IDE/ATA disk interface on Cartridge port.
  • iomega zip drive - Add an iomega SCSI zip drive as a hard drive (not bootable)
  • Translator - System Solutions' competitor to ICD's The Link

Network Adapters

Ram Expansions

Atari ST Range

Atari Falcon

  • CA401292 - Atari Falcon 4 MB Ram Board
  • CA401294 - Atari Falcon 14 MB Ram Board
  • Atlantis - Atari Falcon 4/14 MB Ram Board
  • Delphi - Atari Falcon 1/4 MB Ram Board
  • Magnum Fast Ram - Atari Falcon 8MB Ram Board
  • RAM kartice - Atari Falcon 14 MB RAM Board
  • MegaRam 14 - by Oxo Systems. 14 MB memory card extension

Sound Upgrades

  • Tweety Board - Adds pseudo-stereo to the YM soundchip output

TOS Switchers

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