GFA BASIC on an Atari Falcon

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GFA Basic on the Atari Falcon

Firstly don't use anything below GFA v3.6. The original GFA editor should work in any mode that is 16 colors or less. Stick to standard resolutions though or the compatibility modes on the Falcon. GFA dropped support about the time the Falcon came along, so it don't like 256 colors and up. If it still doesn't work, then something is weird on your machine or conflicting with it.

There are also patches, like Bastard and Ala Card to solve the video issues. With 'Bastard' you can run the old GFA v3.6 editor in a glorious 256 colors at 1280x1024, even under MiNT. However Lonny Pursell's editor will work in any mode, on any video card so it's probably preferable to use that one.

Lonny's GFA BASIC site