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The beginnings of a list of hardware accelerator boards available for the TOS range.
See also software accelerators

Atari ST Range

  • AdSpeed ST - ICD - 16Mhz accelerator. Software switchable between 8/16Mhz

Atari STE Range

Atari Falcon

  • Afterburner 040 - Top of the range for its time (mid-nineties) 68040 booster. Up to 64Mb 32-bit fast-RAM.
  • Blow Up FX - Boosted '030 to 40mhz, added fastram and screen resolution enhancer, another one from Atari Workshops.
  • CENTurbo 1 - Rodolphe Czuba's version of Nemesis.
  • CENTurbo 2 - Centek's / Rodolphe Czuba's Falcon booster. 68030/68882@50 MHz, Fast RAM up to 128 MB (with the CT2B, else 64 MB) + the same features as the CT1/Nemesis/Phantom + boosted IDE access.
  • CT60 / CT63 / CT60e - Power Phenix 68060 accelerator for the Atari Falcon.
  • DX-3 board - from OXO Concept
  • HighSpeed40 - This was in 1996 and you could switch between 20 and 40MHz cpu.
  • Mighty Sonic - Has it's own 68030 and up to 64Mb of 32-bit fast-RAM.
  • Nemesis - System overclocker to 150% of normal Falcon speed, handled by Titan Designs/Black Scorpion in UK
  • Phantom - Cheaper Czech-built Nemesis style overclocker.
  • Power Up - Simple 16 to 32mhz cpu clocker, very early, distributed by Atari Workshops in the UK.
  • Power_Up_2_by_System_Soltuions - 32Mhz accelerator for Atari Falcon
  • Skunk 32 - a variant of Power Up
  • Speed Resolution board 40mhz by Hard&Soft
  • Tempest - PowerPC based, extensively written about, prototyped, but not made?! This started as contemporary with CT2!
  • Veloce Falcon - To take Falcon to 40mhz, fastram capability, modelled on Veloce STe, never produced?
  • Wizztronics Barracuda 040 - 33 mhz 6840 and two vme-bus-slots. Optional FastRam-card, 128 megs. (never sold?)
  • DFB1X 50mhz booster - 50MHz Falcon accelerator with flash-rom and alt-ram.

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